Online Offenders

There is much debate as to whether online offenders are a distinct group of sex
offenders or if they are simply typical sex offenders using a new technology. A metaanalysis
was conducted to examine the extent to which online and offline offenders
differ on demographic and psychological variables. Online offenders were more likely to
be Caucasian and were slightly younger than offline offenders. In terms of psychological
variables, online offenders had greater victim empathy, greater sexual deviancy, and
lower impression management than offline offenders. Both online and offline offenders
reported greater rates of childhood physical and sexual abuse than the general population.
Additionally, online offenders were more likely to be Caucasian, younger, single, and
unemployed compared with the general population. Many of the observed differences
can be explained by assuming that online offenders, compared with offline offenders, have
greater self-control and more psychological barriers to acting on their deviant interests.

Online Offenders


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