MO Risk Assessment

Compared to clinical methods, actuarial risk instruments
are a preferred method to discern sex offenders risk for
sexual as well as violent recidivism because, unlike clinical
practices, they are considered inexpensive, objective and
modestly accurate. Scientists argue that risk instruments
that employ only static, or historic measures of offender
characteristics, rather than dynamic, are certainly sufficient
for the purposes of gauging individuals’ likelihood of
recidivism. In fact, Harris and Rice (2003:207) contend that
dynamic constructs are “unnecessary for anticipating who
will recidivate in a given time period”; furthermore they
state that “very accurate statements about the likelihood
of another…offense can be based upon knowledge of an
individual’s lifetime conduct.” In their view, offender
risk scales that incorporate only static information are
essentially capturing factors that reflect a person’s underlying
antisocial propensity.


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