IL – System is broken

Fairview Heights, IL (October 11, 2010) Given this is election season, it is to be expected that those running
will play the sex offender card, either by saying “I am tough on sex offenders” or “My opponent is soft on sex
offenders.” It is the responsibility of our lawmakers to ensure the bills they sponsor are actually effective and
not just drafted as “feel good” measures.
In a few recent articles, Attorney General Lisa Madigan states they are going after sex offenders who view
child pornography as if this is the most important thing to do in order to protect children. While I appreciate
her efforts to “crack down on sex offenders,” she is misleading the public and quoting statistics that are
completely inaccurate:
• A recent article quoted, “Studies have shown that users of child pornography are more likely to also be
sexual abusers of children, according to Madigan’s office.” However, research (BMC Psychiatry, July 2009)
has shown, “For people without a prior conviction for a hands-on sex offense, the consumption of child
pornography alone does not, in itself, seem to represent a risk factor for committing such an offense.”
IL – System is broken


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